HTL Saalfelden
Jahrgang 2013/2014
Cardio Monitoring Server

Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Gaube Gerhard
Mag. Kendlbacher Werner
Alois Eder
Sebastian Obwaller
Beteiligte Firmen:

Das Projektziel ist es, gemessene EKG-Daten eines Messgurtes von einer Smartphone App in einer Datenbank auf einem Webserver zu empfangen und zu speichern. Dadurch wird es möglich, die Herzratenvariabilität (HRV) einer Person zu überwachen und diese Daten über einen Webserver benutzerbezogen grafisch darzustellen. Mit dieser Anwendung besteht die Möglichkeit, sich ein Bild über den Gesundheitszustand eines Anwenders zu verschaffen. Anschließend werden die erzeugten Grafiken wieder an die App gesendet.

Abstract English:

Presentation of the cardio measured data on a web platform


Our diploma project is about a web platform which displays the results of a heart rate measurement. The idea behind our project is the opportunity to monitor the outcome of a cardio test. This project have been made by four people. One group, consists of two people, is responsive for the measurement and the mobile app. The other group is appropriate for the server and web platform. This web platform is constructed for mobile device as well as for personal computer. On this platform you are able to look on your results in a clear view. The measured data are represented by charts. Using this data, the client is able to take a look at his health. By this controlling system it is possible to check your heart rate variability.

The HRV or heart-rate variability is the beat-to-beat variation from the heart.
As in the electrocardiograms (ECG) model, shown, indicates a large variation between individual heart beats (beat-to-beat) a high performance status. A rigid, very regular heartbeat, indicates a stressed, overworked or diseased state. Based on the range of variation of the individual heart actions, the state of health and the actual performance can be accurately assessed.

Our tasks allow do displays the results of the measurement on the computer as well as on the smartphone, the programming of the presentation in chart form, the setup of the webserver and also the planning and building of the communication between smartphone and server. Therefore we had to work our ways into Dreamweaver CC, install all the needed software packages and do a lot of research in how to connect the smartphone to the server. The server is realized with WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) server configuration. The presentation of the charts was made with the Google API. To connect the smartphone with the server, we planned and implemented a SOAP protocol. We assembled the system from all these pieces and did a lot of testing and improvement.