HTL Saalfelden
Abteilung Elektrotechnik
Jahrgang 2015/16

Red Bull Media Streaming

Gerhard Gaube
Udo van Boekel
Kolb Matthias
Neuschmid Marie-Christin
Cekan Sandra
Beteiligte Firmen:
Red Bull

The assignment is to design and to implement on an Embedded System with two main components, a webserver and a multimedia streaming-client.

The aim is to download videos from this webserver and play them in full HD on the Raspberry PI. This process should work completely automatic.

The system should be able to play the videos, though it is offline.  The playlist should be automatically synchronised to guarantee the newest version of the videos. 


The configuration of the server and the playlist is supported by the Red Bull Media House.

To fulfil the streaming project there will be used a Raspberry PI 2 model B as client.

The architecture of the server is configured to be a Rest API. The hardware of the server is provided by the RBMH.

Python is used to develop the script of the client, which accesses to the server.

For playing the videos the player Kodi will support the project, because it is able to play videos and former set playlists in full HD.

The project succeeded in automatic downloading the videos and perform them.

To guarantee the newest version of the videos the system is able to check, if there are updates on the server according to the videos.

Although the internet failed during the download, the system is able to continue the process without mistakes.