HTL Saalfelden
Jahrgang 2013/2014

Dipl.-Ing. Gernot Aigner
Dr.-Ing. Uwe Andrae
Stephan Lemberger
Benjamin Thomann
Beteiligte Firmen:
Freiwillige Feuerwehr St.Johann in Tirol

Planung, Auslegung und Konstruktion einer neuen Steuerung für eine schon vorhandene Schlauchtrocknungsanlage. Die Anlage dient dazu, dass gewaschene Feuerwehrschläuche zum Trocknen mittels eines Kettenaufzuges aufgehängt werden. Die veraltete EEPROM Steuerung wird durch eine moderne SPS ersetzt. Der vorhandene Aufzug wird weiterverwendet. Außerdem wird eine neue bedienerfreundliche Visualisierung des Bedienpanels sowie eine technische Spezifikation erstellt. Abschließend wird die Anlage installiert, getestet und es wird ein neuer Elektroplan erstellt. Alle neuen Komponenten sind von der Firma B&R.

Abstract English:

Our diploma project is about programming and designing a PLC control with a power panel from B&R that controls a lift which is used to store fire hoses. The idea behind our project is reconstituting the full functionality of this rather old plant. The plant is used to hang out the fire hoses to dry when they are washed after they were used in a fire run.

The PLC control that is installed at the moment is based on an EEPROM and is very prone to failure which often causes a failure of the plant that leads to its stagnation. Therefore the principal, in our case the voluntary fire brigade of St. Johann in Tyrol, asked us to redesign the whole control unit and install it. In order to increase the usability we decided to create and realize a new visualisation on a touch panel. Another point of our project was to create a new technical specification for the new plant as well as an EPLAN documentation.

The structure of the plant is rather simple. It is located in the main tower of the fire station which also contains the radio installation. In the basement of the tower is a wash tunnel for the fire hoses. Next to the wash tunnel is the power panel that controls the whole plant with the built in touch panel. Because of the proximity to the wash tunnel we had to make sure that the power panel is water prove.

The heart of the plant is located in the top of the tower. The magazine where the fire hoses are stored has seven rows which can gather up to eight fire hoses and contains a lot of sensors. There is also the main engine that consists of a chain lift for the horizontal positioning and a motor for the positioning in the vertical direction. And also the main switchboard is located in the top of the tower. In this switchboard there are all the relays and other components to run the plant. The I/O card of our PLC control in the switchboard is connected with an X2X-Link bus connection with the power panel in the basement of the tower. All the newly bought hardware components are from B&R.